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South Asia Somehow Becomes India

July 6, 2016

‍The South Asia Faculty Group proposed more precise terms like “South Asia” and “Indian Ocean region” in 24 out of a total of 93 instances where “India” appears in the 6th and 7th grade chapters of the curriculum. The Hindu nationalist lobby groups took great offense.

The issue with using “India” to refer to ancient South Asia is that it conflates the current nation of India with the historical subcontinental region, which encompasses numerous other modern day nations besides India. This attempt at co-opting other countries in South Asia under the umbrella term of India negates the identity and autonomy of other countries in the region.

In edit 2454, the Hindu nationalist lobby groups protest the scholars’ recommendation to replace India with South Asia in the context of the Indus River region. Referring to a region that is primarily located in the modern day states of Pakistan and Afghanistan as India is nonsensical.

But, to our great disappointment, as of May 19, the IQC has decided to use the term “ancient India” to refer to ancient South Asia, negating the histories and legacies of over 420 million people in the region.