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Next Steps

July 6, 2016

‍California’s State Board of Education still has to approve the IQC’s recommendations later this year before the curriculum is finalized. Until that happens the South Asian Histories For All coalition will not rest.

We will continue to fight for the edits recommended by the South Asia Faculty Group. We will continue to advocate for the term India not to co-opt the entirety of South Asia. We will continue to resist Islamophobic edits and misrepresentations of the caste system by the Hindu nationalist lobby groups.

Studying history is a tool to grapple with the present, and acquire a fuller understanding of current realities. By teaching children about our difficult and uncomfortable periods, they not only learn about the contradictions in our histories, but they will also learn from the resilience of the communities that resisted and survive today. These are valuable lessons for children to learn to be more empathetic and nuanced citizens of society.