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Edits That Unfairly Denigrate Mughal Rule Rejected!

July 6, 2016

‍The Hindu nationalist lobby groups suggested edits that erase Mughal ruler, Akbar’s attempts to blend Islamic and Hindu beliefs and architectural and artistic forms. They replace this fact with references to Hindu ruler Shivaji who in their language “offered resistance to the hegemony and persecution of the Mughal rulers.”

The truth is that Mughal rulers were mainly aided by Hindu soldiers and Hindu Rajput kings in their fighting. The truth is that Shivaji’s army consisted of a significant number of Muslims.

History is so much more complicated than the black and white world projected by the Hindu nationalist groups who intend to propagate Islamophobic narratives that “other” Islam to make it easier for them to play victims and further justify their hate mongering.

South Asian Histories For All is glad that the IQC has not accepted these edits.